Bag Lady: Katie Hart

Next up for this installment of "Bag Lady" is owner/ designer of Odd Daughter Paper Co., Katie Hart! Fun fact - Katie also used to work as a florist at Native Poppy, and we carry tons of her product in the shop! She is as kind as she is talented (and she is crazy talented). We were stoked to interview her via her bag, and share a bit about her with y'all
1. Who are you? Where are you from? What's your deal?
I'm an illustrator / letterer with a stationery line called Odd Daughter Paper Co. I'm originally from Pasadena, CA, lived in Seattle for 6 years and have now been in San Diego for nearly 6 years. What's my deal?! I love drawing and creating beautiful things that help people connect with one another. My day is made when someone sees one of my cards and says "OMG this would be perfect for so-and-so", because being on the receiving end of that card (and feeling KNOWN) is the best. 
2. How much of a bag lady are you? Do you opt for a tiny clutch or a giant tote? Somewhere in between? 
I typically carry a bag that's way too big (the Madewell tote), but when I started using my new Bradley Mountain bag, it was so refreshing. It limits what I carry around... because the bigger my bag, the more random things I'll just throw in. So this size is my new favorite!



3. List the contents in your bag:
  1. wallet - I bought this from Madewell about 5 years ago or so. I'm terrible at being a minimalist, so I have a lot going on in this wallet. 
  2. phone - obvi.
  3. keys - I love my brass key ring-- made by Areawear and purchased at Maven in Normal Heights. It's both beautiful and practical. 
  4. Theo chocolate bar - I try to have dark chocolate on my person at all times. I stick to 85% or higher and love Theo chocolate out of Seattle.  
  5. Trader Joe's "Just a handful of olives" - these are such a lifesaver! If I'm out and about and find my blood sugar dropping, these are a great source of fat. 
  6. mint-chocolate RX bar - These are my other go-to for when hunger strikes. They have a super small list of ingredients and I find them to be delicious. 
  7. Port & Polish pill box - I've been dealing with some health issues this year (woohoo thyroid & adrenal problems) and my practitioner has given me a daily supplement regimen. I was determined to find a cute pill box that could help keep them organized. I typically fill it up with one day's worth of supplements (ha!) and it's come in super handy. 
  8. Burt's bees chapstick - standard. 
  9. sunnies (Warby Parker)
  10. essential oil roller - This roller has an oil blend called "Balance" and it's used for grounding & to relieve anxiety. I love me some anxiety (just kidding I hate it. but I'm trying to trick it into thinking we're friends), and this roller comes in handy when it hits. 
  11. Boss Notes - this notepad from The Good Twin is my fave! I always always have some kind of notepad in my bag. I need to be able to sketch and take notes at any given time. :)
  12. pens - love a good micron pen, but I'm always trying out new pens to see which I like best. 







4. What can you not leave home without? 

My supplements (in the pill box), essential oil roller & RX bar. 








Speaking of this lovely bag, I had the pleasure of working with the Bradley Mountain guys on a logo for their new women's line. It was a great opportunity to give the new pieces more feminine mark, while keeping the integrity of their current brand. I think the hand lettering speaks to how much heart they put into each piece! The logo looks especially gorgeous pressed into the leather of each women's bag.




5. What is the weirdest thing you think you carry in your bag

Probably the olives. But what fun would I be at parties without a secret olive stash?!





6. What is your mantra or a favorite quote you refer back to when you need encouragement?
"You are enough." Because lots of times I don't feel like it. But then I have to remind myself of encouragement I'd give to those who I love most and remember that it's true of ME too. 

7. What traits are you most proud of in yourself? 
If you're familiar with Strengthsfinder, my number one strength is empathy, and I think this helps me to understand and encourage others. When a friend is going through a rough time, I'm a good listener and do my best to encourage them (or just sit with them). 

8. How do you treat yo'self/ practice self care? 
Because of the health issues I mentioned earlier, I've had to go 6+ months this year without dairy, gluten & most sugar. Needless to say, that has changed how I treat myself because it's a lot harder to do it without those foods. Remember ice cream? I barely do. BUT. It's been a good reminder that there are so many other ways to treat myself. I love going for walks. It's a great time to clear my head, listen to a podcast, or call & talk to someone I love. In terms of self care, I'm an introvert and need quiet evenings at home. Self care looks like not committing to too many things, and knowing that an evening of Netflix and drawing is a-okay. 

9. If you were a flower, what would you be and why?
A pin cushion! They're reliable and sturdy (you can lean on them, haha!!), but they're also fun and weird. 

10. describe your ideal day off. 
I'd visit a new city! Austin, Nashville and NYC are on my short list. I'd go for a walk or hike in the morning, and spend the day exploring. I love visiting new coffee shops and restaurants. I'd take a book with me and actually get some reading done! I'd finish off the day over a meal with my closest friends.. preferably outside, with string lights. :)