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Bag Lady: Chelsea Coleman

man oh man! do we love chelsea!!! we are so excited to have been working with her lots lately. she lets us host our workshops at her beautiful wine bar, restaurant and event space. we are in awe of how she is always so effortlessly cool and such a boss. check out what she carries around with her


1. who are you? where are you from? what's your deal? 

My name is Chelsea Coleman, I am San Diego born and raised.  Food and farming have been my main motivators over the years and I've lived in multiple hemispheres, continents and islands cooking and growing food. These days I occasionally cook and mostly sling wine (which I view first and foremost as an agricultural product meant to be consumed with food) at my bar, The Rose, which I co-own with another rad bag lady, Rae.



2. how much of a bag lady are you? do you opt for a tiny clutch or a giant tote? somewhere in between? 

I'm really more of a dog lady than a bag lady. Some of my darkest moments of frustration and foul language have involved blindly pawing for my keys at the bottom of some infinitely spacious tote. Inevitably, when a tote or purse becomes overrun with receipts and pens I haven't capped, I abandon the contents and switch to some forgotten over-the-shoulder bag that likely belonged to my mother. Suffice it to say, i'm not really loyal to a tote vs. purse. 


3. list the contents in your bag (see attached pic)  

dog bags, receipts, wine-key, lipstick, wine wipes (gets those red wine stains out of your teeth -- Come buy some at The Rose the next time you take a break from rosé all day!) a couple random bucks 


4. what can you not leave home without? 

Keys + Cell Phone. 




5. what is the weirdest thing you think you carry in your bag

Probs the doggie bags but a random sock has been known to end up in there. 


6. what is your mantra or a favorite quote you refer back to when you need encouragement? 

"You never know until you try" - my dad


7. what traits are you most proud of in yourself? 

Some people might call it stubborn, but I'd like to call it "dogged" or "determined"




8. how do you treat yo'self/ practice self care? 

 I take my dog to Fiesta Island, walk the perimeter and watch her bound and flop around.  I also garden and take care of my chickens and watch the birds, listen to the bees hum... nature and animals I guess. 


9. if you were a flower what would you be and why?

 Such a tough question! My favorite flower is fo sho' the ranuncula but I'm probably more like a rose. You know: colorful and smells pretty good... but a little thorny ;)


10. describe your ideal day off

 Long bike ride, big brunch or lunch + rosé, house project and book reading OR walking around a new city all day.