Please give a warm welcome to this week's stem friend...

Native Poppy Flower Shop | San Diego, CA

These Cockscomb Celosia flowers look like a rooster’s head comb, hence their common name. Cockscomb is native to South America, Africa, and parts of Asia. They are edible and often used in Nigerian cooking! Cockscomb is also known as 'wool flower' and 'brain celosia', and comes in shades of yellow, orange, pink and red. May we recommend this for all your neuroscientist friends? 

Q: What is your cocktail of choice?

A: A classic mimosa! Add champagne to anything and you've got yourself a good time. Champagne alllll day!


Q: What is your favorite color palette? Bright & Cheery, Dark & Moody, or Neutral & Elegant.

A: Bright and cheery is where it's at! My colorful blooms can't be tamed and my funky nature means that I'm always ready to party. Throw me in a fun and colorful wrap or arrangement and you won't be disappointed.


Q: If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be?

A: I think it'd be fun to go to Brazil! All of the people that live there seem like such fun-loving people to be around and I heard that they love to dance there. I love to bust a move from time to time!


Q: Who is your girl boss inspiration?

A: Tina Fey all the way. With her courage, humor, and grace, she truly is the life of any party! She is refined, yet quirky and not afraid to stand up for herself and others. You go, Glen Coco!


Q: What is your favorite type of ice cream?

A: Rainbow sherbet! It's always so fun and colorful... and SO refreshing! It's a classic and oh so delicious!


Q: When I'm not in Native Poppy's stem bar, you can find me...

A: Out and about hanging with my funky friends feathered celosia, veronica, and thistle-- just to name a few! Can you say #sqaudgoals?!