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Stem Friends: SPIDER MUMS

Give a big ol' round of applause to our friends...

Spider Mums are in the chrysanthemum family and get their specific name from their distinct spider-leggy shape. They originated in China, and come in a plethora of colors - we're crushing big time on this burnt orange! Spider mums have a variety of meanings - if a bride carries them, they mean liveliness - if they are white, they represent purity and truth - if you're in Europe, they're associated with death - in China, they mean honor - and if you send a bouquet to your love it sends the message to "elope with me"! 

Q: What is your cocktail of choice?

A: Ok... no judgement. But my guilty pleasure is definitely a Mai Tai. Sometimes you just gotta treat yo' self to some tropical love! Pro tip: turn on some beachy tunes, grab your Mai Tai, and pretend you're lounging on the beach somewhere in Tahiti-- even though you're just laying on your couch... again, no one is judging.


Q: What is your favorite color palette? Bright & Cheery, Dark & Moody, or Neutral & Elegant.

A: I think somewhere between Bright & Cheery and Neutral & Elegant. Lately, I've found myself hangin' with my fall friends in some neutral and dried arrangements and boy, oh boy, does it feel good!


Q: If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be?

A: Is that even a question?! I would obviously be in Tahiti! I mean, c'mon. Mai Tai's while lounging by those crystal clear blue waters?! What. A. Dream. 


Q: Who is your girl boss inspiration?

A: Now, I know this may sound crazy... but Charlotte from Charlotte's Web. My true spider inspiration. With a name like 'Spider Mum', who else would inspire a budding star like me? Out of all of the spiders, isn't Charlotte just the nicest?!


Q: What is your favorite type of ice cream?

A: I'm more of an ice cream sandwich lover, myself. There is just something about a sweet sammie that is the perfect finish to any meal! AND it's great on the go!


Q: When I'm not in Native Poppy's stem bar, you can find me...

A: Hanging on the beaches of San Diego! Any chance I can soak up some sun, I'm there! But also, I still need water.... so please don't forget to water me! We all know how that would end..