Bag Lady: Leah Kirpalani



Welcome to our first post in our new BAG LADY series. We are so excited to take a peek inside the bags of the humans we admire. What do all these interesting artists and entrepreneurs carry around with them on the daily? Our first bag lady is Leah Kirpalani, owner of GOOD/LIFE. 


1. who are you? where are you from? What’s your deal?

I’m Leah and I’m the founder of Good Life! Good Life is a health + lifestyle brand working to make healthy living easy, accessible fashionable and FUN for the modern woman! We believe that "healthy living doesn’t have to be hard… promise!” And we're out to change the conversation around wellness. We actually think that YOU CAN HAVE BOTH!  You can live out your fabulous life the way that you dream of, while still placing your health and body as priority #1. 


In my 20's I was a single girl living in the big city, working a high powered corporate job in the fashion industry. Then I became pretty sick. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on, so I had to take my health into my own hands and figure it out myself. That part of the process was NOT easy. While I tried to heal my body, I couldn’t participate in life the way that my friends could, or in the way that I truly wanted. 


So, I ditched the fashion blogs and chased after my newfound passion for health and wellness. From there, I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach and founded Good Life!





2. how much of a bag lady are you? do you opt for a tiny clutch or a giant tote? somewhere in between? 


The Mary Poppins bag is the only life for me. Working either out of my home office, coffee shops (communal, of course), or visiting my health-coaching clients on the run, the only to keep my sanity and my important items in one place is in my big bag.  If I’m searching for something high and low, and it’s not in my bag, it’s most likely just lost forever.






3. list the contents in your bag 


Wildcare’s Empress Cypress Hydrosol: Can you tell that I’m a product junkie yet? I’m even asking myself – “Leah you really carry all of this around?”  But, guys, I ain’t got time to meditate for 30 minutes a day and soak in a relaxing bath at the end of the night! This hydrosol is nothing short of a total-body wellness shortcut. A few spritzes on the face and this particular scent can keep inflamed skin and acne at bay, as well as provide total grounding from a long day. 


Lily Lolo Mascara: This is a staple in my life and also happens to be the best seller in our online clean beauty boutique, Shop Good.  It’s one of the most effective clean beauty products I’ve come across that stands up to the more mainstream brands I used before I went completely all-natural. All of our customers agree and I’m so glad to be able to introduce this product to them. 


Organic Tampons: Read above regarding what we absorb. Personally I don’t want chlorine or bleach up… there.  100% organic cotton tampons, you guys, SO important. (It’s that important that we offer ‘em in our clean beauty shop, too!)





Pumpkin seeds + Goji Berries snack bag: During the most trying time of my health journey, I was allergic to almost all foods that I ate. Therefore, when I was going to be out-and-about for extended periods of time, I had to get into the habit of bringing my own snacks (and sometimes meals) with me. I love that I’m still conditioned to always have a healthy alternative in my bag when I get hungry (which is pretty much all the time - I love food. This blend of Goji Berries and Pumpkin seeds is such a perfect sweet and salty mix.


Vitruvi ‘Still’ Essential Oil Roller: Another essential. This brand is blowing up right now and they’ve all about infusing self-care as a ritual in your day-to-day. A philosophy Good Life totally believes in. Just a swipe or two of this Essential Oil blend can calm any nerves, send you off to a restful sleep, or help to bat away that every day stress that I’ve grown to know so well…





Digestive Enzymes + HcL: This health coach’s philosophy on supplements: I believe supplements are great to build a strong foundation or fill in where they’re may be a temporary deficiency, but I believe that the body is actually an incredible machine that’s  wired and programed to heal itself! So while I don’t promote staying on major amounts of supplements indefinitely, these are two that I think are critical for daily digestive health.  You can read about what each do on our shop pages, but in short: buh-bye bloating and discomfort after meals!


H is for Love Lip conditioner: The only lip balm I’ll ever use. The creator of this brand is such a beautiful person and she hand-makes all her products to order to ensure freshness of her majorly high-quality, organic ingredients. I like massaging this into my cuticles throughout the day as well. 





Lavender Essential Oil: This could be a whole article! Wanna learn more about the magic of E.O.s? Message me on Instagram and let’s talk!


Tea Bags – peppermint and Echinacea: Actually opened when I try to behave and skip the delicious $4 coffee. These have been in my bag for a while…


Wallet / card holder: Bought this on my honeymoon with the huz in Florence!





Dark chocolate: Not pictured because I was snacking on it with the brains behind this blog post slash Native Poppy.  Times of the day I eat a piece of dark chocolate: 9:30am (yes, am), 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 9:30pm. Healthy tip: look for dark chocolate with the highest percentage of Cacao! It might be more bitter (which I love), but it means there’s less sugar and more of the good stuff! Cacao is highly anti-inflammatory and provides a beautiful punch of magnesium in every square. Hi, I’m Leah and I’m a dark chocolate addict. 


XyloBurst natural mints: Minty fresh, without the added syrups and sugars. Xylitol is a very healthy alternative to processed, harmful sugars. And as a bonus, it helps to keep bacteria at bay and teeth white!  I get these at Sports and I’m always stocked!


Wine corkscrew: When it comes to balancing health and fun, Good Life champions the 80/20 rule. So, yes, I drink wine. I wanna say this was left in my bag from a park day, but I can’t say for sure…


Los Feliz natural perfume: The first natural perfume that I’ve liked thus far! Just discovered this at the recent Indie Beauty Expo in LA, and Good Life is considering carrying them in our Clean Beauty Shop!  The brand was created by some ex-American Apparel merchandisers, and I totally dig their branding and style. 





LIPSTICKS: There are four right here. You’re not seeing quadruple. And this is not a rare coincidence that I have four lipsticks in my bag at once. I’d say it ranges anywhere from 3-5 on an average day. 

I just find it so fabulous that I can wear my pop of red every day, without worrying about nasty chemicals like lead, methylparabens, propylparabens or… what is it… Blue Lake-3?  No thanks!  We absorb up to 65% of what we put on our bodies, and you can only imagine how much we consume on our lips!  These four colors are my current favs: Axiology lip color in VibrationAu Natural lip stain in su/stain, Lily Lolo lip color in Scarlet Red and Benecos lip color in Catwalk.





4. what can you not leave home without?

My phone, a lipstick (both on my lips and in my bag) and lately my beanie due to infrequent hair washing. I need this weather to stay cool…


5. what is the weirdest thing you think you carry in your bag?
Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin – two words for you. Bone Broth. It’s the magical healing elixir. And this company has found a way to extract the healthy Gelatin from broth and put it in this handy on-the-go pack!  Wellness on the run? Yes, plz.  Do I feel a bit strange carrying Beef Gelatin in my bag? I suuuuuure do. 





6. what is your mantra or a favorite quote you refer back to when you need encouragement? 




7. what traits are you most proud of in yourself? 


My ability to listen to my intuition. It wasn’t always this way, and it’s such a tough skill to practice on a daily basis, let alone to cultivate. But I feel lucky that my healing journey brought me back to learning how to trust myself, following my gut and being in tune with my body and what it’s actually asking for. 


8. how do you treat yo'self/ practice self care? 


At Good Life, we’re all about wellness hacks and fitting self-care in on the fly. So, when I have zero time for myself (which is the norm): Dropping my Eucalyptus Oil in my hands during my morning shower and practicing my breathing exercises.

On an ideal weekend night where I force myself to slow down: On my couch, my feet in a magnesium foot bath, a Botnia face mask on, all while watching an epic masterpiece of television unfold… like, an episode of The Bachelor!


9. if you were a flower what would you be and why?


Hmm, given that I got married in May in hopes that Peonies would be abundant, I’d choose a poppy-pink Peony! 


10. Describe your ideal day off: 

My ideal day off would be somewhere far away from here. No offence, San Diego! I love you!  But travel just ain’t in the books right now as I work hard on building my business. So on my ideal day off, I’d place myself… probably in Paris, sitting at a corner café while diving into a great book, people watching, drinking a combination of espresso then wine, and taking deep, deep cleansing breaths.



L E A H   K I R P A L A N I   G O O D  /  L I F E ​​

Photography by Megan L Photo - My sun and stars photography