Floral Tribute

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Funeral flowers are a source of peace and comfort during sad time. Honor a loved one with an artful floral spray meant to create a beautiful tabletop tribute display. An urn, framed photograph, or candles can be placed in front of this floral spray, creating a beautiful tribute for a memorial service or funeral reception.

Our Floral Tribute spray is built in a block of floral foam for easy transport and optimal freshness. Native Poppy florists will artfully arrange the stunning seasonal flowers to create something truly special. Each floral spray design is one of a kind and will vary slightly, as our florists use only the freshest blooms available.

This design is traditionally sent by the immediate family to the funeral home, reception site, or place of worship just before the ceremony.

  • Flower spray designed to be displayed on a table or flat surface
  • Made in 4" x 6" floral foam tray
  • Measures approximately 15"H x 24"L x 12"D at widest point
  • Select your preferred flower color palette:
    • Soft Pastels: seasonal selection of pastel hues such as peach, blush, lavender, butter yellow, pale blue, or ivory.
    • Neutral + Elegant: white, cream, pastel hues, and greenery
    • Bright + Cheery: sunny hues like orange, yellow, and pink