Native Poppy

Our Story

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NATIVE POPPY is a floral design company based out of San Diego, California. Owner/designer Natalie Gill is a California native whose earliest memories involve talking to flowers in her childhood backyard. Every bouquet is a reflection of a mission to pursue art with passion, voice and authenticity. We strive to find humor and love in the everyday and want that to be reflected in your events. 

We are known for our loose, organic style of arranging that mimics natures inherent unruliness, with a tailored and thoughtful composition.  We are constantly finding ourselves inspired by the botanical playground that is the coastal-desert climate in San Diego.

Foraging for the perfect branches and vines to compliment our work. Our attention to detail, and an eye for combining color and textures make each flower arrangement an art piece. 

The shop is the newest branch of Native Poppy. After Natalie had been designing events in her backyard for a few years, she decided to open up the retail location to be able to provide flowers to the community on a daily basis. We truly believe people are simply just happier when they are surrounded by plants and flowers.


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