NATIVE POPPY is a floral design company based out of San Diego, California. We have the raddest retail location in north park that combines our love of flowers with amazing gifts and beautiful decor. Bonus points: we share our store with Communal Coffee— making our space the ultimate destination for all things good.

We specialize in wild garden style arrangements, combining lush colors and fun textures to make every arrangement something memorable.

Every bouquet is a reflection of a mission to pursue art with passion, voice and authenticity.

We strive to find humor and love in the everyday and want that to be reflected in your experience with us.

Come in and experience our stem bar- where you can build your own bouquet from our seasonal flower selection or order off our menu for in-store pickups or delivery (we deliver by bike locally!!). Perusing our gifts at the shop is always fun with our seasonal floor sets and ever changing art installations. Sounds magical? It really, really is.

Our shop also offers a full menu for weddings and other events- making your party planning checklists less planning and more PARTY! If you are looking for something more customizable or personalized design services (build you an elaborate installation, you say?!) you can hop on over to our big sister company Native Poppy Studios.

We understand that flowers can be tied to the most important moments in our lives; birthdays, engagements, births, even when expressing grief. We understand that flowers are more than just a gift, and that is why we strive to provide the utmost level of customer service. We truly believe people are simply just happier when they are surrounded by plants and flowers- and making the world a better place is the real mission here- right?