Oval Stone Frog | Atuto

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Fans of Ikebana style flower arranging will love these sustainable flower frogs, made from river rocks that have been hand-carved to hold individual flower stems.

Each stone is sculpted twice. Once by nature as it tumbles through a stream, and then a second time as an artisan craft-worker flattens one side and drills precice holes to create a flower frog that adds natural beauty to your arrangements. Use a stone flower frog as a base for floral sculpture in glass vase or on a shallow tray. You'll never be tempted to use floral foam for ikebana again.

About the brand

Founder Holland Millis has worked with skilled craft-workers in Honduras for decades. A former Peace Corps volunteer from North Carolina, he leads the Atuto group in Sabanagrande, Honduras, which produces pieces made from clay, metal, stone, fiber, and wood.

  • Hand-collected river rock
  • Approximately 5"L x 3.5"W
  • Not water tight, meant to be placed inside a vessel