3 Unique Mother’s Day Flower Gifts

Here’s the truth about what the moms in your life want for Mother’s Day…

Mama wants rest, she wants time to herself (but not too much that she then misses her kids), she wants to be pampered and to put her needs first, she wants to not have to change diapers, do dishes, make major decisions for the family… she wants a small respite from the huge mental load she carries by being the primary parent 364 days a year. Hopefully, she gets support from her partner and family year-round, but at the very least, she sure as heck deserves it on Mother’s Day. She also wants flowers.

A lot of moms of adult children claim to not want anything but time spent together… and flowers. When talking to the mamas and mother-figures in our lives, we heard the resounding refrain of those two things - support (or QT), and flowers. Ordering Mother’s Day flowers is a beautiful gesture of love and appreciation, but if it doesn’t quite tick the box for how you’d like to celebrate her, or any of the other incredible women that contribute to your village, here are three unique Mother’s Day flower gifts that you can share with your loved ones:

Bucket of flowers, vases, chicken wire, sheers, and Native Poppy gift bag

Arranging with Mom - Flower Arranging at Home Kit

If your mama is the crafty type, artistic, or loves to get her hands dirty, this is one of our most unique Mother’s Day flower gifts! This flower arranging kit for two has everything needed for you and mom to each make our signature classic arrangement from the comfort of your home (perhaps with some bubbly or tea in hand).

Plus, it comes with an exclusive discount code for our flower arranging e-course if you want to complete the experience. Available for pick up or local delivery throughout San Diego!

Daughter and Mother making flower arrangements outdoors with champagne
Woman receiving Native Poppy flower wrap at the door

Flower Subscription with the Wild Flower Club

If you want to give your mama flowers on Mother’s Day AND every week (or month) after that to continue to show your appreciation for everything she does, consider the unique Mother’s Day gift of a flower subscription! It’s basically ordering Mother’s Day flowers, but supercharged!

You can choose from eight different menu options in three different color ways to customize the perfect blooms for mom. You can also add requests for her favorite colors, a personalized note from you, and even gifts from our shop. Plus, you get a discount for subscribing!

Psst. This is a great option if you’re celebrating your mom from afar!

Native Poppy’s interactive flower stem bar

Interactive Pick-Your-Own Flower Experience

Another unique Mother’s Day gift idea is to take your mom out for a little adventure, and an afternoon at the most magical flower shop in town is just the ticket! Stop in to either our Solana Beach or South Park shop (both neighborhoods are super cute and have great coffee nearby!) to experience the magic of our signature stem bar, and snag your mom Mother’s Day flowers! Smell, see, and touch tons of unique blooms (many of which are grown locally) and hand-pick an arrangement together.

Our floral artists will answer any questions you have, guide your selections (if you’d like), and help you to select a vase or wrap them in paper. Plus, you can explore our curated gift shop, view our seasonal art installation, and take a sweet pic together - our team is always up to play photographer! This is the perfect opportunity to snag a small gift with your flowers because your mom would, like totally, not turn down getting chocolate or a cute necklace too.

Native Poppy’s flower shop and interactive flower stem bar

Every mom and mama figure deserves to be celebrated on Mother’s Day, but if you’re traveling or working on the actual holiday, remember that you can celebrate anytime! And flowers are always a good idea. 

Want even more unique Mother’s Day flower gifts for mum? Check out the complete Mother’s Day Menu!