three ceramic Little Miss Bud Vases with gold illustrated faces

Little Miss Bud Vase

Regular price $18.00

Zati vase - white ceramic vase with plaid glaze details

Zati Vase

Regular price $15.00

Amelia White Ceramic Bud Vase

Amelia Ceramic Bud Vase

Regular price $10.00

Chroma vase - white ceramic vase with horizontal rainbow stripes

Chroma Vase

Regular price $28.00

Smooth pink ceramic pot with orange flecks

Phoebe Vase

Regular price $15.00

White ceramic Dotty Planter with large raised dot surface

Dotty Vase

Regular price $20.00

Blush pink vase with vibrant green houseplant inside

Short Kendall Vase - Pink

Regular price $15.00

Speckled ceramic vase hanging by skinny leather straps decorated with wood beads

Toni Hanging Pot

Regular price $15.00

Gray ceramic pot with white vertical scratch designs.

Grey and White Terracotta Vase

Regular price $10.00

Pale pink vase with scallop design reminiscent of fish scales.

Mermaid Vase

Regular price $10.00

Hari Bud Vase - small white speckled ceramic vase

Hari Bud Vase

From Regular price $6.00

small and medium fem rosa bud vases

Fem Rosa Bud Vases

Regular price $8.00

Nola ceramic vase with pink glaze and gold dots

Nola Vase

Regular price $10.00

Bona Vase - White geometric ceramic planter holding a green tropical plant

Bona Vase

From Regular price $10.00

Little coral colored vase with tiny hash mark designs all over it.

Coral Textured Stoneware Vase

Regular price $8.00

Four cement vases with pink flowers

Cement Vases

From Regular price $10.00

Small, cylindrical textured vase with tiny feet.

Delray Vase

From Regular price $12.00

Simple, white, ceramic vase with large golf ball-like dimples all over.

Ginny Vase

Regular price $10.00

Reminiscent of an old ceramic milk jug, wavey lines vaguely emante from within, leading up to a rough mouth with a pour spout.

Tegan Vase

Regular price $15.00

Black Ceramic Vase

Miguel Vase

Regular price $10.00

Large, tapered pot with a rounded bottom hanging from leather straps

Kenzie Hanging Pot

Regular price $20.00