Plants + Garden

Hand held brass watering can

Brass Watering Can

Regular price $39.00

Claire Ceramic Planters with plants

Claire Ceramic Planter

From Regular price $16.00

Garden Spade with a Walnut handle from Barebones Living

Garden Spade | Barebones Living

Regular price $22.00

Green handled flower snips

Flower Snips | Burgeon & Ball

Regular price $22.00

California Poppy Seed Kits in blue can packaging

California Poppy Seed Kit

Regular price $11.00

The Floral Society Seed Packets

The Floral Society | Seeds

Regular price $5.00

Polka Dot Plant in pink plastic pot

Polka Dot Plant - Medium

Regular price $21.00

Boston Fern - Small

Boston Fern - Small

Regular price $9.00

glass bottle plant mister

Plant Mister

Regular price $10.00

macrame hanging planter with cement pot

Macrame Plant Hangers

Regular price $25.00

Modern Mini Watering Can

Modern Mini Watering Can

Regular price $24.00

Plant lady doormat - made from natural coir

Plant Lady Doormat

Regular price $24.00

Four ceramic hanging planters in shades of blue and green with fern plant

Mini Ceramic Hanging Planter

Regular price $12.00