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Holiday scented candles from Native Poppy

Holiday Candles | Native Poppy

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Snowball blooms holiday wreath

Classic Holiday Wreath

From Sale price $140.00 Regular price $175.00

Asymmetrical holiday wreath with white dried flowers

Asymmetrical Holiday Wreath

From Sale price $100.00 Regular price $125.00

Autumn wreath with beige and gold dried flowers

Asymmetrical Fall Wreath

From Sale price $60.00 Regular price $75.00

Petaluma Floral Tea Towel with hang tight loop

Petaluma Floral Tea Towel

Regular price $16.00

Round Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Handle

Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Regular price $36.00

Chunky Knit Potholders

Chunky Knit Potholders

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Four scented candles from Native Poppy in colorful glass jars with cork tops

Native Poppy Signature Candles

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Native Poppy tea towel in kitchen

Native Poppy Tea Towel

Regular price $20.00

Chroma vase - white ceramic vase with horizontal rainbow stripes

Chroma Vase

Regular price $28.00

Seven pairs of colorful taper candles

Taper Candles - Pair

Regular price $8.00

tiny peach basket with loopy details on the rim

Tiny Peach Loopy Catch All

Regular price $22.00

Small Peach Fringed Basket

Small Peach Fringed Basket

Regular price $30.00

Pale pink vase with scallop design reminiscent of fish scales.

Mermaid Vase

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Honey Brush Designs Tea Towels

Tea Towels | Honey Brush Designs

Regular price $20.00

Decorative match boxes in color swatch and loteria styles

Decorative Matches

Regular price $5.00