Behind the Scenes: Valentine's Day Flowers Photoshoot

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but we’ve been planning since December!

A lot goes into bringing you unique and artfully designed blooms for the holiday of love. Wanna know more? Here’s a behind the scenes look at the creation of our Valentine’s Day Menu.

Woman styling flower arrangements wearing a beanie and rain boots

While the majority of the world was prepping for the winter holidays, we were deep in the planning stages of developing our Valentine’s Day offerings! Below, we’ll share a few of the key factors in our decision process (we always start with the same one thing first), and show some pics from the other side of the lens of our Valentine’s Day shoot. Let’s dive into an insider perspective from co-owner and Vice President, Meg Blancato!

At Native Poppy, it’s our passion to create unique flower offerings with premium and seasonal blooms, that people can’t wait to gift to their loved ones. It’s no secret that the goddess of Valentine’s Day is the beloved rose herself! We know, though, that not every person is looking for roses on Valentine’s Day, so we’ve created several unique designs. From traditional(ish) all-rose bundles to our signature garden-style arrangements, we have something for every Wild Flower.

 Fuchsia and peach Valentine's Flower Arrangement with candle and gift bag

Developing Valentine's Day Flowers Designs

“When we design our exclusive holiday menus, we always start with a color palette," said Meg. "Our Valentine's Day color palette is certainly guided by the traditional hues you know and love - red and pink. We opted to add fuchsia, and included our signature peach to our Valentines Day flowers. Peach always seems to make its way into our palette!" 

Valentine’s Day pink, fuchsia, peach Arrangement

Next, we look at data from previous years to create items based on our best-sellers (an upgraded Classic Wrap like our "Classic Love Story") and review our notes to create something new based on customer requests (like this year's "Little Love").

Classic Valentine Flower Bouquet in red, peach, and pink

Woman holding a small pink Valentine's Day flower arrangement

"Naming the items is something I always have fun with," said Meg. "Each Valentine's Menu item gets a unique name with either a seasonal spin "Love of My Life", "Epic Love Story", or a pun - we love a good pun - "Plant One on Me"!

Woman receiving Valentine’s flower bouquet


"Overall, we strive to design our Valentine’s Day flowers that are unique, artistic, and that further our mission of sharing love through the power of flowers!”

Shooting the Valentine's Day Menu

"Shooting new menus is a lot of fun, and at the same time, a huge undertaking," said Meg. "From ordering a specific color palette and flower ingredient list to booking a location and photographer to designing and building all the items, it takes several people several weeks to prep!"

“When shooting flowers, there's lots to consider!" said Meg. "Scale is really important - is the size of the arrangement being properly represented? Angles are another factor to look at - can you see the blooms well enough?”

Native Poppy's Valentine’s Day Mood Board

We also put together a mood board to capture the tone of what we hope the shoot will be, and refer back to it throughout the day to ensure we're in line with our goals.

Behind the scenes Valentine’s Day photoshoot

This year, we decided to add to our campaign imagery by bringing in six different real couples and capturing their love! It was such a fun and unique experience and we're honored to share a bit about them and their stories with you in our next blog post!

Why Do We Build a Designated Valentine's Day Menu?

“Aside from wanting to design offerings inline with the holiday's themes, we also do an increased level of volume during this peak time. Developing a curated menu allows us to meet that demand while delivering our signature level of design and artistry. The designs still allow for creative flexibility, but offer a framework for our floral artists to follow," said Meg.

Hands holding a Native Poppy Valentine’s Day arrangement

So much inspiration flows through our veins each year and we're so excited we could share with you! Our Valentine arrangements and Valentine bouquets are available for San Diego local delivery now through February 14th. Want flowers delivered on Valentine’s Day?? We highly suggest pre-ordering your flowers and gifts for your boo-thang, friends, or family by 2/13, as we will be delivering a plethora of sexy Valentine’s Day flowers for a limited time.

We hope you have a budding Valentine’s Day! Until next time, Wild Flower!

- Liz