What’s Blooming in Our Flower Garden: Summer 2022

As we enter our last month of Summer, we’re sharing what’s blooming in the Native Poppy Flower Garden!

Here at Native Poppy, we carry an array of locally grown flowers straight from our San Diego flower garden. While not every flower we use in our arrangements was grown here, our Surprise Garden Flower Wrap is a great way to enjoy gorgeous flowers grown right here in town. 

Our garden is filled with SO many of our favorite flowers! We won’t lie: we plant a lot of flowers for that Native Poppy aesthetic - lookin’ at you peach and pink blooms. The other way we select our garden varieties is by how well they thrive in the Southern California climate, so that when we deliver a flower wrap it is here to last a while; especially in unpredictable summer temps.

 Gardener picking Zinnias in raised bed

Flowers in raised garden beds with shade structure

Gardener Margaret holding a plant seedling

If you’re new to our blog, we’d like to reintroduce our head gardener Margaret, who takes care of our flower garden in San Diego’s El Cajon neighborhood; where all the flower magic happens! Margaret plants each seedling, makes sure each flower is in tip top shape, and gives each bed proper sunlight, water, and the food it needs to grow. We’re so lucky to have Margaret helping us grow so many of our Summer flower faves: Strawflower, Zinnia, Dahlia, Cosmos, Celosia, Queen Anne’s Lace & Chocolate Lace, Lisianthus, and Sunflowers. 

Scabiosa and Zinnia flowers in a garden bed

Each flower has a story to be told! Learn a few facts about each flower blooming in our garden this summer.

Planting and Holding Strawflowers in the Garden


First up is Strawflower! These locally grown flowers are a house favorite, and add a pop of texture and color in our surprise garden wraps. What makes this bloom extra groovy is its coarse texture; dry to the touch, even when it's in soil! You best expect to see these lil’ poppies in season in the beginning of June and into the end of summer. Strawflowers also go by the names - “Paper Daisies” and “Golden Everlasting”. These cuties are native to Australia, but find a happy home in the California summer heat. P.S. strawflowers dry beautifully!

Gardener holding a bundle of locally grown flowers

From garden to vase, Native Poppy’s locally grown flowers are unique and special for any occasion. 

Queen Anne's Lace blooming in raised bed

Chocolate Lace flower popping out of the cement

Queen Anne's Lace

The delicate blooms of Queen Anne’s Lace add whimsy to any flower wrap or floral arrangement. Did you know: this flower is also known as “Bird’s Nest” and “Wild Carrot”… excuse?! It’s seen alllll around our Native Poppy flower garden, even growing out of the cement! Plus - its blooms can grow up to 40 inches tall!

Flowers next to Flower Bed

Woman in flower garden


Our next locally grown flower that is popping in our San Diego flower garden is the Zinnia! This fancy gal thrives in the blazing heat, and is native to South America and the southwestern United States. This pretty lady traditionally symbolizes friendship, specifically the thought of an absent friend. She comes in a plethora of colors and goes oh so well in our garden wraps.

Holding a zinnia bloom from our garden


Last, are varieties of Sunflowers, an under-appreciated pillar of the flower community. These sunny gals grow from butter yellow to deep mustard and even a mild chocolate tone in our San Diego flower garden. Sunflowers come in seventy species and can have up to 2,000 seeds in their centers! Our favorite sunflower fact is that their heads track the sun - moving throughout the day and giving them their nomenclature. They commonly pop up in our surprise garden wrap, and can last for up to two weeks! 

Locally grown Chocolate sunflower in a garden bed

Sunflower Garden Flower Wrap

Bouquet of garden flowers

From garden to vase, Native Poppy’s locally grown flowers are unique and special for any occasion. What a great way to celebrate the beauty of every season! Stay tuned for an update from head gardener Margaret on ways that Native Poppy keeps our garden popping and thriving by practicing sustainability!

Bucket of locally grown flowers from Native Poppy in San Diego

Catch you on the next blog!