Real Couples from our Valentine's Day Photoshoot

We’re excited to share a very cool addition to our Valentine’s Day Flower Menu photoshoot, including not just one, but six real couples!

This year, we decided to add to our campaign imagery by bringing in six different real couples and capturing their love! It was such a fun and unique experience and we're honored to share a bit about them and their stories with you.

Couple laying in rose petals

Destinee + Sergio

Q: What do you enjoy doing together?

Destinee: “We definitely love to travel!”

Sergio: “Destinee is always up for finding new things to try in San Diego, like the best photos spots on Instagram.”

Destinee: “He’s always been up to go on adventures with, when we just started dating, he never said no!”

Q: How did you both meet?

Destinee: “We met in Arizona in elementary school.” 

Sergio: “And dated in middle school. We took a 10 year break and I moved to San Diego to join the military and she continued to live in Arizona and worked at a dance studio. We then reconnected on social media and got back together again.”

 Couple holding valentine bouquet

Q: What makes Valentine’s Day so special?

Destinee: “I love, love!” I love gifts, Valentine’s Day flowers, even if they are small and sometimes silly, I love all of them!”  

Sergio: “I love chocolate too, but in all honesty it’s all about the romance. I love being romantic on the holiday.” 

 Couple standing with valentine arrangement

Elizabeth + Kimsong

Q: Who found Native Poppy first? 

Elizabeth: “I found Native Poppy first. Funny story - we happened to be separated at the time while Kimsong was recovering in a sobriety living home down the street from Native Poppy. He would send me flowers every week with handwritten notes that you would put with the flowers. It was very special for me!”

Q: What makes Valentine’s Day so special?

Elizabeth: “Valentine’s Day is meant for us to take time away from our three children, it’s our day to reconnect as a couple! When Valentine’s Day - our kids know it’s mom and dads day, they don’t even ask where we’re going. What honestly makes the holiday so sweet is just being able to sit with each other and hang out.”

Couple standing with valentine arrangement 

Laura + Casey

“Despite tackling food poisoning on our first date, our love quickly blossomed.”

Q: How did you two meet?

Laura: “Casey and I met in sunny San Diego but coincidentally are both from Minnesota. We met on Hinge! Despite tackling food poisoning on our first date, our love quickly blossomed. Over the next months and years, we bonded over tasty food and cross-country road trip adventures. We're getting married in May 2023 in Julian and are so excited that Native Poppy is the florist that'll help set the vibe for our big day.”

Couple laying with valentine arrangement

Q: How do you take care of your partner?

Casey: “I take care of Laura by supporting and challenging her to try new things and make sure she’s fed.”

Laura: “He brings me my coffee every morning and he does most of the cooking! I support Casey by moving him out of his comfort zone and challenging him to do new activities that he hasn’t tried before.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day?

Laura: “I love getting a really nice home cooked meal for our Valentine’s Day, it’s my favorite!”

 Couple standing with valentine arrangement

Jesse + Julia

 Q: What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Julia: “Oh that one’s easy! I feel like we naturally have a lot of fun together but we recently have enjoyed going on hikes together, which are my favorite. My favorite thing to do with Jesse is to go out and get really good food or cocktails.”

Jesse: “Mhm, it’s true. We love our fine dining!”

Couple standing with valentine arrangement kissing 

Q: How do you take care of your partner?

Jesse: “Lots of words of affirmation and a big factor in that is self-reflection. That’s the part about being a better partner, looking at yourself and being the best that you can be for them. And gifts are nice too!”

Julia: “I definitely feel like we take care of each other by communicating and being open to growth.” 

 Couple standing with valentine arrangement

Danielle + Casey

Q: How did you two meet?

Danielle: “We met in Houston, Texas on a dating website! We’ve been dating for four years now and are engaged and getting married in March 2023 in Las Vegas! Casey is a video game producer and I'm a former theatre teacher who recently became a marketing manager for an arts-based non-profit.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day?

Casey: “For me, Valentine’s Day is just about going big for the one you love! Just go a little bigger, get those Valentine’s Day flowers, get those special gifts, go spend time with each other, and have that exciting meal. It’s just a special way to show up for one another and having fun.”

Danielle: “Candy! Haha! In recent years, I’ve loved the approach of love in all its shapes and forms, not just romantic love. It’s a great day to care about Casey and our relationship, of course. But it’s also time for me to think about my parents and friends and honor all my relationships. That’s been a nice turn of the culture around the day.”

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Couple standing with valentine arrangement

Victoria + Charles

“From pink eye to love at first sight.”

Q: How did you two meet?

Victoria: “We met when I was 16, Charles 17, while I was visiting a Canadian college on a weekend trip. I completely forgot my makeup, and I had an eye infection -- so I definitely was not looking my cutest, LOL! Charles is from Quebec, and I am from Maine, and we dated mostly long-distance until we finally married in 2011.”

 Couple sitting holding Valentine’s day flower bouquet

Q: What do you love most about your partner?

Charles: “I think Victoria is kind, wise, and is all around a gentle soul.”

Q: How do you take care of your partner? 

Victoria: “I take care of Charles by cooking meals, and providing for him in ways that bring him comfort”.

Charles: “I take care of Victoria by giving a mean backrub, and working through all our financial stuff.”

Victoria: “Yep, you’re only 98-years-old, you’re fine! Haha! It’s all the little things that add up that help us enjoy being together and caring for one another.”

If you want to learn more about the six couples and their love stories, be sure to follow along on Instagram to see a video version of their stories!  

So, Wild Flower, how will you show up for Valentine’s Day this year? If you loooove flowers like Danielle and Destinee, our Valentine’s Day Flower Menu has an array of flowers and gifts for all relationships! 

Have a hunka-hunka burning Valentine’s Day, Wild Flower!