Students Review our Floral Design Classes

Natalie and Meg holding a clapper seated on a couch near flowers in a vase

In August, Native Poppy launched new online floral design classes, and the reviews are in!

Meg and Natalie were ecstatic to make this dream a reality, and we are so excited to share our students' experience with you.

We believe flower power is real and with the ability to learn online, the magic is now at your fingertips. Crafting and teaching floral design classes has been a long time dream of Native Poppy’s founder Natalie Gill and Vice President Meg Blancato, and they are so excited to share their gift of floral artistry with you! If you've ever wanted to create your own wild and whimsical arrangements, our new online floral design workshops are for you. Our E-Courses offer tips and tricks for creating gorgeous flower arrangements, flower crowns, green garlands, and more. Taught by Native Poppy's co-owner and Vice President Meg Blancato, our online classes share how our florists achieve our signature floral magic. 

It has been such a blast to get feedback from our flower community - hearing what their favorite experience was, something new they’ve learned, and even how it has become a source of therapy during a long work day. We’re also already getting requests for our next batch of courses - dried floral arrangements and dried flower crowns are a top contender, along with bridal bouquets; we are always looking for new ways to make our customers happy! 

Below is a round up of real customer experiences — plus the beautiful designs they made.

Flower Arranging 101 Reviews:

Our Flower Arranging 101 E-Course has been an exciting experience to share with our lovely floral enthusiasts, and a best seller! In this online flower E-Course, Meg Blancato teaches the foundation of Native Poppy’s wild, garden style design, including guidance on color theory, vase infrastructure, and the best materials to use. This course will teach you how to build our “Classic Arrangement” from start to finish, plus offer professional tips and tricks from a florist’s tool box. Instruction level is perfect for novice flower lovers looking to learn, or intermediate florists wanting to up their flower game.

Fresh flowers in vases - flower class student work

Not a San Diego local? We’ve got some news for you: you can still achieve Native Poppy artistry with fresh blooms from your local farmers market and local florist! With our Flower Arranging 101 Online E-Course, you will have some very cool tips about color theory and how, if each stem “grows together, it goes together.”  This is just one tip that will get you started when searching for your beautiful blooms before you begin your designing. In fact, blogger Winny from Orange County took our Flower Arranging 101 E-Course where she purchased fresh blooms from her local florist and that made us SO happy! Know that you can do this too - let’s get flowering!

Native Poppy eCourse student work

“First, the aesthetics of the videos are so well done and super on brand for Native Poppy! Each lesson is such a feast for the eyes. Second, Meg is a great teacher who keeps the pacing flowing smoothly, and breaks down each element and thought process in a clear and organized fashion. Third, I absolutely love learning at your own pace! It was fun to first check out the floral ingredients and color theory before going out to get my own flowers. (I'm not local to San Diego, otherwise I would have LOVED to take advantage of the fact that Native Poppy creates kits for you.) Lastly, given that I've been arranging flowers for several years now, I didn't really know what to expect from the course. I was pleasantly surprised to learn a different "school of thought" - even though there was overlap with what I knew, there were still a couple refreshing and thought-provoking nuggets of wisdom that are unique to Native Poppy!” - Winny Knust-Graichen

Woman holding fresh flower arrangement in a vase

"I recommend the course. What you spend on this course, you will save many times over creating your own bouquets, whether for gifts or your own enjoyment." - Sue Ferrera

Sue from Tales of a Wayward Yogini took our Flower Arranging 101 E-Course where she chose to find her fresh blooms locally! We love seeing everyone’s interpretations of the course which allows their individual style to surface. Fun fact - Sue has been a long time friend of Natalie’s, who refers to Sue as a “second mum”! Read more here.

“I so wish I had a Native Poppy in my area… I worked in the landscaping field for years, and this course taught me things I did not know about arranging flowers. I created this arrangement from the end of fall blooms; wow! Who knew? - Sue Ferrera

Tayler from the Sourced Co. expressed how great it felt to take a midday break from her 9-5 job. And it’s true! It is proven that flowers in your home bring inspiration and relieve stress.

Flowers spread out with shears and a computer

“I always thought I was pretty good at arranging flowers—though I have had more than a time or two where I felt like I had really messed things up. Whether it was because I cut stems too short or couldn't quick get the flowers to fall how I wanted, I realize now I was basically winging it! After taking this course, I see where I was going wrong on occasion, and now I feel like I'm only going to get better over time! Native Poppy's Flower Arranging 101 course was quick to complete (I fit it in while taking a short break from work midday) and never left me wondering what to do next. I mean, I know I'm not an actual florist, but I could totally play one on t.v. now!” - Tayler Cusick-Hollman from Sourced Co.

 fresh flower arrangement

Woman holding fresh flowers in a vase

Flower Crown Making Reviews: 

Woman wearing a flower crown outdoors

“Such a simple, fun, and comprehensive course, I loved it! The tutorial videos aligned with the timing so I could follow along perfectly. The best part was that I could gift one of our chillzillas the Flower Crown I made for her Bachelorette weekend.” - Dana Lagomarsino 

Attending a Bachelorette party and want to make the bride-to-be feel extra special? We gotchu! Our Flower Crown Making E-Courses have been a hit for wedding event stylists, mothers who are always on the hunt for new crafts to dive into with their children, and is even a great past-time for us twenty-somethings. Pour yourself a glass o’ wine and try our floral design classes for yourself.

Native Poppy flower wrap with snips and wire 

“I had SO much fun doing the flower crown e-course! My girls LOVED helping me!” - Michaela Fox

As we have a few new and expecting mothers on our Native Poppy team, it is a joy to see you rad moms out there encouraging your littles to partake in our floral design classes with you! Michaela at Girls Thriving is an amazing advocate for children’s well-being. Her work in showing them how to discover their gifts and harness their creativity is something we especially admire. Mama - if this sounds like you, you may find one of our floral E-Courses and Michaela’s podcasts are for you!

Daughter and Mother wearing Native Poppy flower crown

Our Wild Flower Club members also shared some of their advice and feedback after taking our floral design classes. Marnie B. took full advantage of her Wild Flower Subscription, and used 10% off of our Flower Crown Making E-Course, which is one of her Wild Flower Subscriber perks. To earn these perks, learn more about our Wild Flower Subscription here. Thanks Marnie!

Woman wearing pink flower crown

“The course felt like it was just the right length. The detailed information about color theory and design were very helpful without being overwhelming. I think that the course made it super easy to create a beautiful crown in that NP style and I was shocked at how easy it was to get the hang of!” - Wild Flower Club Member, Marnie B.

From the moment of purchase, each online flower E-Course is available as long as you can remember your log in! JK - you can always reset your password ;) We also offer a variety of free E-Courses, like how to keep your flowers fresh and how you can make a garland just in time for the holidays. 

We’ll catch you later, Wild Flowers!