Thanksgiving Table Flower Tips

There are three things that truly make a special holiday experience: a welcoming atmosphere, a hell of a meal, and a beautiful tablescape. We know that crafting a picturesque moment is important but what matters most is the love and gratitude your guests take away this season.

Woman adjusting Thanksgiving flowers in a vase on a table

You may be new to the hosting game or you're the mother who prepares a Thanksgiving feast every year – regardless of where you stand, we know planning gatherings can be stressful. Getting that Turkey (or Tofurkey!) cooked just right, and providing all the sides for every guests’ palette is no easy task! We’re here to take some of the work off your plate so that you can enjoy styling your Thanksgiving table this year. 

Thanksgiving table with flowers and plates and chairs

Allow us to reintroduce our Thanksgiving Flower Menu.

Every Thanksgiving flower arrangement is artfully unique. We select fresh, beautiful, seasonal blooms in vibrant fall colors - this year’s palette is a combination of dusty rose, ivory, peach, rust, and mauve. We designed our offerings around the colors that make us feel warm and cozy during the Thanksgiving season. The collection can be ordered all together or individually! Need some assistance deciding and styling? Let us break it down for you!

Long and low Thanksgiving rectangle flower arrangementThanksgiving Long and Low Arrangement 

This floral show stopper is sure to be the star of the table — besides the turkey, of course! Warm colors emanate from overflowing, lush blooms to make your Thanksgiving table picture perfect. This arrangement is perfect on a longer dining table, or placed on a table in your entryway. Pro tip: If your table is longer than 8 ft, or you are combining multiple long tables, order one Long + Low for every 8ft and add our bud vases to place in between!

Every arrangement from our Thanksgiving Flower Menu was designed with you in mind. Our long + low arrangements are just that — built low, wide and wild, so that you can see your guests’ pretty faces from across the table.

Woman adjusting flowers at a Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 

Our classic Thanksgiving flower centerpiece is inspired by the warm, comforting flavors of hot apple cider and pecan pie. It’s perfect for circular dining tables, or rectangular dining tables under 6ft! This cutie will also sit beautifully on a kitchen island or on your buffet display. 

Our fresh Autumn blooms can really make a Thanksgiving table setting pop! 

Autumnal Thanksgiving bud vases

Thanksgiving Bud Vases 

Our most dainty arrangements out of the bunch! They might be small, but they make a bold statement when grouped together. *Pro tip: we recommend ordering in odd numbers for an elevated aesthetic* Parade them down the table as a centerpiece, cluster a couple on a side-table, or dot a few along the fireplace mantle. 

Native Poppy's bud vase arrangements are built with a variety of beautiful autumn blooms and foliage, and come in two different height glass bud vases. Each Thanksgiving bud vase is sold individually and would make a lovely takeaway gift for guests, along with their leftovers. 

Wanna kick it up even more? Here are three decorating tips to complement your blooms and elevate your table: 

    Elegant Thanksgiving flowers

    1. The Harvest Table

    Add harvest vegetables like miniature pumpkins and gourds to your table. It’s a quick way to add texture to your table and fills in the gaps between your plates, glassware, and flower arrangements. Your Great Aunt Madge will be smitten with this traditional style, so much that she’ll probably brag about you on her Facebook, immediately.

    Thanksgiving flower arrangements against a white wall

    2. The Bountiful Table 

    Add a collection of seasonal fruits like red bartlett pears or pomegranates. This setup will surely have Grannie Carole feeling like she’s a guest at the DragonFly Inn in Stars Hollow. It will definitely put her and the rest of the fam in the Holiday mood!

    Thanksgiving taper candles and golden candle holder

    Glass bud vases with Thanksgiving flowers

    3. The Dreamy Table

    Each arrangement is artfully crafted in rich fall tones with hues of ivory, berry, peach, and dusty rose! Light a few taper candles in golden candle holders and you’ve got yourself a dreamy table set up ready to go. Add chiffon as a table runner, and your earthy Cousin Tess, will feel like they’re on cloud nine. 

    Regardless of how you style your table this Thanksgiving, know that Native Poppy’s got your back! We offer local delivery to San Diego residents, five days a week. Order by Monday, 11/21 and we’ll hand-deliver your fresh blooms directly to your door on Wednesday 11/23. Can’t get any better than that!


    Save us some leftovers, Wild Flowers! 


    Photography by Brogen Jessup