Why we Love Green Garland for Holiday Decor

Natalie Gill holds holiday greenery garland

Who doesn’t love a good green garland?! For Christmas or winter decorating, there’s nothing like the scent of fresh greenery.

Native Poppy offers garland all year round for weddings and special events. For the holiday season, we switch up our recipe to create our Seeded + Cedar Holiday Garland. In November and December, we create fresh green garland using a blend of cedar branches and seeded eucalyptus!

Wanna DIY? In our FREE green garland eCourse, you’ll learn how to create a stunning garland, discover our preferred florist’s tools, and get a list of our favorite types of greenery for making garlands. Whether you wanna create a green garland for Christmas, to elevate your holiday decor, or to create the ultimate seasonal table setting, learning how to make a garland is a skill that comes in handy well beyond the holiday season. Our free online mini-class is taught by Native Poppy co-owner Meg Blancato, so you can learn garland making from a pro florist!

Deck the halls of your abode with charming greenery garlands! Here’s three reasons why we can’t get enough of this holiday season fave:

Green garland on a holiday table

Green Garland goes just about anywhere

We love how versatile garland can be. During the holidays, green garland is one of the easiest ways to add seasonal magic to your home – and it lasts for weeks! Some of our favorite spots to add garland include:

  • Draped over doorways
  • Fireplace mantel
  • Tucked along a shelf
  • Placed down the center of a long dining table
  • Woven along a staircase 
  • Framing a window
  • Hung above an entryway or front porch
  • Wrapped around a white (or pink!!) Christmas tree
  • Draped along a media console or bar cart

And that’s only the beginning! You can add twinkle lights, holiday ornaments, dried flowers, bows, or other decorative elements into your garlands to make them even more festive. The sky's the limit!

    Close up of Meg building a greenery garland with cedar and eucalyptus

    The scent of greenery is calming

    The holidays are a beautiful time to gather with family and friends, but it can also be hectic. So many activities and to-dos… so little time. It’s no wonder that the holiday season is often reported to be one of the most stressful times of the year, so we need all the self-care we can get.

    A little aromatherapy from a fresh greenery garland could help create a more tranquil vibe in your home! Imagine coming home to the calming scent of cedar and eucalyptus branches.

    Deep breath; ahhhhh.

    The scent of cedar is particularly grounding, transporting you to a woodland forest. The fragrance of fresh cedar can help ease tension, clear the mind, perfect for combatting holiday stress. Seeded eucalyptus has a fresh, cooling scent that boosts your mood and is often described as revitalizing and invigorating!

    Meg Blancato builds greenery garland for Native Poppy

    Garlands are fun and relaxing to create

    Greenery garlands are super simple to create! All you need is a florist's paddle wire, snips or garden shears, and 2-3 types of greenery. We recommend incorporating seeded or silver dollar eucalyptus and olive for a muted green palette. For holiday garlands, consider adding cedar or pine. If you're aiming for a tropical, vibrant look, huckleberry, Israeli ruscus, camelia, or bay leaf are excellent choices. 

    Best of all: crafting your own green garland for Christmas or holiday decor is a natural stress-reliever! The concentrated effort, meditative repetitive actions of wrapping the greenery, and satisfaction involved in crafting your own garland is scientifically linked to the release of neurotransmitters that promote joy and well-being, and provides a healthy distraction from seasonal stressors.

    Whether you DIY or buy local from us at Native Poppy, green garlands are an easy way to bring cheer to your home for the holidays. Ready to make your own? That free e-course is ready for you! Plus, explore our other free mini-courses and our full-length flower courses, tools, books, and kits. 

    We love seeing the garlands you create and how you use them! Remember to tag @native_poppy on your favorite social platform or email us at hello@nativepoppy.com

    Happy holidays, Wild Flowers!