Native Poppy Merch

Handpicked by Ingrid Carozzi

Handpicked by Ingrid Carozzi

Regular price $24.95

In Bloom by Ngoc Minh Ngo

In Bloom by Ngoc Minh Ngo

Sale price $27.00 Regular price $45.00

Passionfruit Chocolate Bar from Deux Cranes in brown cardstock packaging

Passionfruit Chocolate Bar

Regular price $12.00

Decorative match boxes in color swatch and loteria styles

Decorative Matches

Regular price $5.00

Honey Brush Designs Tea Towels

Tea Towels | Honey Brush Designs

Regular price $20.00

Illustrated peony art print

Peony Mini Print | Oana Befort

Regular price $12.00

Zati vase - white ceramic vase with plaid glaze details

Zati Vase

Regular price $15.00

Black Ceramic Vase

Miguel Vase

Regular price $10.00

Speckled Grey Ceramic Vase displaying dried flowers

Croix Vase

Regular price $10.00

Bona Vase - White geometric ceramic planter holding a green tropical plant

Bona Vase

From Regular price $10.00

Blush pink vase with vibrant green houseplant inside

Short Kendall Vase - Pink

Regular price $15.00

Native Poppy Online Gift Card

Online Gift Card

From Regular price $10.00

Poppy & Pout Lip Balm in lemon, mint, blood orange, and pomegranate

Lip Balm | Poppy & Pout

Regular price $10.00

Cactus No. 2 Art Print from Odd Daughter Paper Co.

Odd Daughter Paper Co. | Cactus No. 2 Print

Sale price $12.00 Regular price $20.00

three ceramic Little Miss Bud Vases with gold illustrated faces

Little Miss Bud Vase

Regular price $18.00

Staghorn Fern plant in green plastic pot

Staghorn Fern - Medium

Regular price $21.00

Pothos Plant - Medium houseplant with bright green varigated leaves

Variegated Pothos Plant - Small

Regular price $12.00

Nola ceramic vase with pink glaze and gold dots

Nola Vase

Regular price $10.00

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