Indoor Potting Mix | Rosy Soil

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Rosy Soil is carefully crafted with the specific needs of indoor plants in mind. This indoor potting mix blend contains all-natural ingredients that deliver plant-boosting nutrients, optimize drainage, and support beneficial fungi and microbes.

Aged vegan compost provides abundant organic matter, creates soil structure, and supports optimal drainage. This organic matter naturally adds plant-available nutrients without the need for chemical fertilizers and support a thriving community of beneficial microbes. Rosy adds Carbon-Negative Biochar and Root Boosting Mycorrhizae which boost plant health, improve drainage, and mesh with plant roots to increase the amount of nutrients and water they can access.

  • 4 quart bag
  • Ingredients include: Root Boosting Mycorrhizae Mycorrhizae, Carbon-Negative Biochar, and Vegan Compost