A Floral Arrangement for Every Mama

Mother's Day flowers

Every mama deserves flowers for Mother’s Day, including the aunties who love on your kids, your older neighbor who taught you how to tend your garden, and the women who help mother your littles while you’re kickin’ butt at work! We’re here to help you deliver your love through the power of flowers! But who gets what?

With so many beautiful options to choose from our Mother’s Day Flower Menu, we’re here to help you match the mama to the flower.

1. Mum-Believable

Mother's Day flower wraps

This is for the Auntie’s / Ate’s / Tia’s that watch your babies when you need a helping hand! Their sisterhood has carried you a long way and deserve a badge of appreciation. Your sis will be in tears when our classic Mother’s Day Flower Wrap arrives at their door!

2. Got It For My Mama

Mother's Day flower arrangements

All mamas are working mamas! But this one’s for the extra-multitasking boss-lady that works a 9-5 and mothers her littles simultaneously. She’s not afraid of a challenge, paving the way for a brighter future for her children! This picture-worthy arrangement will have your entire family gushing around the dinner table. You can tell them - I Got It For My Mama!

3. You’re Momumental

Premium mother's day flower

This one’s for the Neomamma! She may be seen as a homebody and a full-time perfectionist but this mama really needs love and community! Let this new mama know that she is appreciated with these ravishing Mother’s Day Flowers!

4. Peony Wrap or Arrangement

 Peony Flower Arrangement

This arrangement is for the impeccable mama with champagne taste, who is a romanticist for the finer things in life. Pair her with a unique peony flower wrap or peony arrangement that’s as enchanting as her charm! 

peony flower arrangement

5. Earth Mama

Potted Anthurium plant - Earth Mama

For the peacemaking / unpretentious mama that you can vent to about anything. This mama deserves a gift that will last a while, like her good, good, good vibrations.

6. Simply the Best Mom

Mother's Day flowers

We owe it to the women who have been there since the very beginning. This one’s to the grandmaster / the most sagacious / and the steward to many generations. Her loyalty is simply the best, and better than all the rest. Wow your grandmother this Mother’s Day with a lively arrangement full of ranunculus, garden roses, lilac, and peonies!

7. The Lil Mama

Lil mama bud vase flower arrangement

Big things come in small sizes! This one’s for the lil mamas. For the nannies / caregivers that spend endless hours looking after your little ones. A sweet way to honor those who make up the village it takes to raise your family!

8. The Goddess

Artistic flower arrangement for Mother's Day

To the protector / fierce leader that takes control on a daily basis. Her radiance is admirable and shall be merited with the best arrangement your mama ever did see!

9. The Forever My Mama

Dried flowers for Mother's Day

This one’s for the soccer / dance / room-mom, mom who is on the go so much that she really needs these dried blooms to effortlessly last for.ev.er. No water needed, which is perfect, because this mama does NOT need to feed one more thing! The cuuuutest dried blooms are also available with our fave ceramic bud vase!