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Poppy Diamond Necklace from Taylor Fine Jewelry

Poppy Diamond Necklace

Regular price $590.00

Poppy Diamond Earrings from Taylor Fine Jewelry

Poppy Diamond Earrings

Regular price $520.00

Rose gold baguette diamond ring in pink velvet box

Single Baguette Diamond Ring

Regular price $690.00

Felicity Diamond Earrings

Felicity Diamond Earrings

Regular price $500.00

Felicity Diamond Necklace made by Taylor Fine Jewelry

Felicity Diamond Necklace

Regular price $520.00

Sunburst Diamond Ring

Sunburst Diamond Ring

Regular price $1,300.00

Four scented candles from Native Poppy in colorful glass jars with cork tops

Native Poppy Signature Candles

Regular price $28.00

Decorative match boxes in color swatch and loteria styles

Decorative Matches

Regular price $5.00

Native Poppy Body Creams - Frose and Orange Blossom scents in black and white pump bottles

Native Poppy Body Cream

From Regular price $10.00

Among the Flowers Soap Sampler Set in wooden gift box

Among the Flowers Soap Sampler

Regular price $18.00

Passionfruit Chocolate Bar from Deux Cranes in brown cardstock packaging

Passionfruit Chocolate Bar

Regular price $12.00

Paru Tea Flight Kit

Tea Flight Kits | Paru Tea

Regular price $42.00