Holiday Decorating Native Poppy Style

It's time to deck the halls, and we're doing it Native Poppy style!

Owners Natalie Gill and Meg Blancato decided to decorate a Christmas tree with dried flowers and fruits - an homage to classic cranberry and popcorn garlands - but with a colorful and modern take.

"We've low-key been decorating this tree in our heads for the past three years, so the fact that we actually got to bring it to life this year is a dream come true!"

The Vision: colorful, whimsical... floral.

"Our holiday decorating started with a synthetic, white, pre-lit tree. It's a great base for decorating - a 'white canvas' so to speak. We decorated with strands of dried strawflower garland in peach, red and pink, dehydrated orange slice garlands, and dried and preserved pink peegee hydrangea! Dried peegee is pure magic - looks like cotton candy!"

Considering your own non-traditional Christmas tree?

Three Things to Consider When Holiday Decorating:

1. Color Palette - choosing a cohesive palette of colors and tones will automatically unify everything. We chose white, hot pink, orange, our signature peach and pops of red.

2. Texture - having a mix of textures creates for a visually dynamic display; notice the course bristles of the tree branches, the fluffiness of the hydrangea, the translucent glow of the orange slices and the prickliness of the strawflowers!

3. Size Variance - similar to floral arranging, select decorations in small, medium and large sizes. We refer to our large flowers in arrangements as "focals" which in this case would be the Peegee Hydrangea; the "supporting characters" are the orange slices with their medium size, and the "floaters" are the strawflowers - dainty and lite!

The fireplace mantle was donned with our Snowball Blooms Dried Wreath, taper candles, and a mix of candlestick holders. The bursts of flowers were built on flower frogs - a spikey weight that allows you to stick stems directly into them and hold shape.

*Expert tip* - taper candles make displays look elegant and magical!

One of the things that is special about decorating this way is that it is all dried and preserved so you can tuck it away and use it for years to come! 

Natalie and Meg trim the tree!

 "Our cute jump suits are from Shop Noble, and we are obsessed with them (like text each other how much we love them every time we wear them obsessed)! They are super comfortable and the cinched waist gives them a flattering fit."

Native Poppy signature peach gift boxes and gift bags flocked the base of the tree; pink poinsettias speckled around the tree add to the floral festivity of the display!

"My dad loved adding poinsettias around the Christmas tree as a kid, so I kept that from him." -Meg

Need something to tuck under the tree?! Here's a round up of some of our favorites this year!

Our fave holiday gifts:

  1. Wild Flower Club Sweatshirt by Native Poppy x Crash Boom Designs
  2. A cozy (and stylish) pink throw blanket
  3. Native Poppy Signature Candles - your favorite scent, or a set of four
  4. Hand-crafted taffy ceramic mug by Clay Factor Ceramics
  5. Native Poppy holiday gift box - full of goodies + wrapped in a peach box
  6. Milk chocolate bar with candied violets - a Native Poppy x Deux Cranes exclusive!

Not into DIY? Let us DIFY (do it for you!) by shopping our holiday menu!