How to Arrange Flowers in a Vase

Woman holding wrapped flowers in a kitchen

You just snagged a lovely bundle of flowers from your fave local florist, and now you’re wondering how to arrange flowers in a vase.

Fear not, Wild Flower! We’ve got some flower tips to turn those blooms into something truly special. From choosing the perfect vase to arranging each stem with care, let’s dive into the art of styling wrapped flowers at home.

First things first, let’s give those blooms the care they deserve!

How to Process and Prep Your Wrapped Flowers:

1. Free them from their paper, twine, or any other bindings they might have arrived in.

2. Now give them a fresh cut on the bias (that’s fancy talk for at an angle). Just an inch or two will do - cutting stems at an angle will increase water absorption and vase longevity!

3. Strip the leaves from the bottom half of the stems - if you leave leaves in water, it will create bacteria in the water and make your flowers die faster. *Note, if you received flowers from us or another florist, the stems might have already been cleaned for you!

4. Fill your desired vase with fresh, cool water. Do not put ice in your water or use warm or hot water.

5. Add your trimmed and cleaned blooms into your vase, and you now have a clear understanding of how to arrange flowers in a vase!

If you want to keep those flowers looking fabulous for as long as possible, check out our free mini course on flower longevity. We’ve got you covered.

But it doesn’t have to end there, Wild Flower. We understand that the joy of bringing fresh blooms into your home may be unmatched. That’s why we curated three flower tips that will help you arrange your blooms with finesse that will leave your space feeling extra special.

Woman placing down wrapped bouquet of flowers

How to Pick the Right Vase:

Ah, vases - truly one thing that will make or break a flower arrangement because not just any vase will do! You’ll need the perfect size and shape to complement your wrapped blooms. Say no to short vases that let your flowers flop, or tiny vases that cramp their style. Likewise, avoid huge vases that overwhelm delicate bundles.

Fresh flowers in a textured tall vase

1. After you’ve processed and prepped (see above), hold your wrap of flowers next to the vase and check that the heads of the blooms stick up about 4-6 inches from the lip. If the blooms only rise above the lip by an inch or two, your flowers will be too cramped; if they rise by 8-12”, your flowers will flop open or fall out of the vase.

2. As for width, make sure the vase’s opening is about half the size of the stems when wrapped in paper. This ensures your flowers have enough room to breathe and show off their natural beauty. Fill that vase with water, almost to the brim, and get ready to see some magic!

How to Lightly Arrange Your Blooms:

Whether you’ve ordered locally-grown flowers from your local florist or grabbed them from your local grocery store, a little arranging might be in order. At Native Poppy, we’ve processed and artfully arranged flowers for you, but they might still need a bit of zhuzhing. And hey, we believe flowers are more captivating when you’re fully seeing their blooms, not just their necks - so cut those stems accordingly.

1. After you’ve processed and prepped (see above), keep larger, specialty flowers low and towards the center (think peonies, dahlias, etc.), while tall and linear ones can dance off to the side (think snapdragons, larkspur, etc.).

2. Cut blooms to different heights and aim for an asymmetrical shape - leave your snapdragons a few inches taller on one side than your stock on the opposite side. Symmetry here will create what we call antennas or bunny ears!

3. If it grows together, it goes together - keep like ingredients together (all snaps on one side and stock on the other, as opposed to one of each on opposite sides).

4. If blooms are splaying out of the vase too much, trim them down a bit more.

5. Now, turn the vase around to make sure your arrangement looks breathtaking from every angle. Ta’da! You’ve crafted a floral wonderland.

Woman's hand arranging beautiful flowers

How to Use Your Wrapped Flowers to Fill Bud Vases:

Why stop at one vase when you can have many? Unwrap those gorgeous blooms and discover the potential to fill bud vases all around your home! We’ve offer an abundance of adorable bud vase options, and this is the perfect way to spread floral magic across multiple rooms.

Bud vase arrangements from Native Poppy

1. After you’ve processed and prepped (see above), pull out as many bud vases as your heart desires and fill them with water.

2. Identify how many flowers will fit in each vase - typically 2-5 stems, depending on the size.

3. Select a mix of stems for each bud vase arrangement - incorporate some texture (filler flower) or greenery (typically one stem cut down into multiple smaller pieces), a focal flower (1-2 stems), floaties (2-3 stems), or linear stems (2 stems) for a wild yet balanced look.

4. Hold each stem at eye level in front of the vase and cut them down to size. Arrange the flowers so that the focal bloom steals the spotlight, with other flowers varying at different heights.

You can cluster bud vase arrangements together – like a little floral family - or let them stand solo! Place these delightful bud vases by your sink, bedside, on your desk, or anywhere else you love to be. Flowers in your space boost your mood, increase productivity, and reduce stress!

And there you have it Wild Flower – you now know how to arrange flowers in a vase!

Flower arrangement on a shelf in a bedroom

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So, what are you waiting for? Channel your creative spirit and let nature’s beauty shine through. Happy flower styling, flower lovers!