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Chroma vase - white ceramic vase with horizontal rainbow stripes

Chroma Vase

Regular price $28.00

Pink bud vase with curvy double orb form

Double Bubble Mini Vase

Regular price $19.00

Smooth pink ceramic pot with orange flecks

Phoebe Vase

Regular price $15.00

Grey ceramic vase - tall cylinder vase from Native Poppy

Tall Kendall Vase - Grey

Regular price $24.00

Dusty pink cylinder ceramic vase

Tall Kendall Vase - Pink

Regular price $24.00

Tall white ceramic vase

Tall Kendall Vase - White

Regular price $24.00

Pastel ceramic bud vases with carved texture

Isa Ceramic Bud Vase

Regular price $10.00

Percy Bud Vase - terracotta bud vase with geometric slice detail

Percy Bud Vase

Regular price $12.00

Sorbet peach glass bud vase with yellow tulips

Sorbet Glass Bud Vase

Regular price $26.00

Two sizes of white ceramic vase from Native Poppy

Cercle Vase - White

From Regular price $10.00

Short Kendall Vase - Moss Green ceramic vase

Short Kendall Vase - Moss Green

Regular price $15.00

White Geometric Vase

Bona Vase

From Regular price $10.00

Little coral colored vase with tiny hash mark designs all over it.

Coral Textured Stoneware Vase

Regular price $8.00

Small, cylindrical textured vase with tiny feet.

Delray Vase

From Regular price $12.00

Four cement vases with pink flowers

Cement Vases

From Regular price $10.00

Cercle Vase - Black ceramic pot with matte glaze

Cercle Vase - Black

Regular price $10.00

White Ceramic Hexi Planter with green houseplant

White Ceramic Hexi Planter

Regular price $28.00