6 Simple Steps for Drying Flowers!

How to dry your flowers in 6 simple steps!

Dearest Wild Flower,

Welcome to this week’s blog post where we will answer one of our most asked questions: how do I dry my flowers? Sometimes you just love an individual bloom or bouquet so much that you want to stare at it forever. We totally get it! That’s why we are huuugeeee fans of drying flowers.

If you've visited our San Diego flower shop (or if you follow us on Instagram), you've probably seen how much we love all things dried. We offer a full dried flower stem bar in-store and our bestselling dried flower wraps online. We source beautiful dried flowers in dozens of varieties, then artfully combine them into eye-catching flower wraps.

Dried flowers are all the rage right now and for good reason! They make for beautiful decor, have a long shelf life, and can be a meaningful keepsake of special days, like a wedding or a baby shower. Kept away from moisture, heat, and bright sunlight, dried flowers will last indefinitely.

Flower drying tips

How to dry flowers

Before we get started, there are a few important things to note. There are tons of ways to go about the flower drying process, but we will be covering the easy-breezy, old-fashioned hang dry.

Not all flowers are good candidates for drying. Many flowers are too delicate, and will just shed and fall apart when dried, so it is essential to choose your fresh flowers wisely. Here are some of the beloved favorites that we recommend for successful drying, and often carry in our shops: 

DIY flower drying

Best flowers for drying:

  • baby’s breath
  • billy balls
  • bunny tails
  • globe thistle
  • celosia
  • gomphrena
  • hydrangea
  • larkspurs
  • lavender
  • lunaria
  • statice
  • strawflower
  • yarrow

  • Most flowers air-dry best when they are just beginning to open, so don't wait 'til your bouquet is wilting to start your flower drying project. Check out our Daily Flower Menu or stop by one of our cutie flower shops and grab yourself some perfect drying flowers! 

    Process for drying flowers

    Now let’s get to the flower drying DIY, shall we? Here’s what you will need: 

    • Your favorite flowers that are good for drying 
    • Pruners, flower snips, or heavy duty scissors 
    • String, ribbon, or rubber bands
    • A cool temperature place that is away from direct sunlight 
    • A good playlist to jam out to while you create the dried florals of your dreams
    • Hairspray (optional) 

    It's easy as pie to dry your most loved blooms so they'll look as captivating as the day you got them! No green thumb required, we promise. 

    1. VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure that all excess moisture is toweled off. Drying flowers is essentially allowing all of the water to evaporate so this step is a MUST for desired results. 
    2. Next up, prep your flowers for drying. Remove leaves, wilted petals, clip off any thorns, and cut the stems at an angle to the length you wish. You want to remove as much moisture as possible during steps 1 and 2, to reduce the risk of your flowers molding. 
    3. Gather your flowers in small bunches by the stem and tie them with a piece of string, ribbon, or a rubber band . Hang them upside down in an area that receives good air circulation. Ensure that the bunches are not too close together.
    4. Hang the flowers in a cool and dark space. Keeping them out of the sunlight will help the flowers retain some of their vivid colors.
    5. Let the flowers dry for a few weeks. You will notice the flowers will start to change colors and begin to have a vintage hue. When the stems can snap easily, they are finished drying. Voilà! 
    6. (Optional) Spray the dried flowers with hairspray to keep them as vibrant in color as possible, and slow down the natural fading process.  

      Pretty dried flowers from Native Poppy

      Pretty simple right? Nature does most of the work and you’ve got yourself some pretty blooms that will last long enough for you to fully admire them. Now you can use your dried flowers to make a fun craft (flower crowns, dried flower wall, door wreath), gift them to someone you love, or keep them on your nightstand for a pretty sight each morning. Want to just have them sitting pretty somewhere in your humble abode? Grab yourself the perfect vase to display them in. We carry pretty cute vases (if we do say so ourselves) that will accentuate your dried blooms.  

      We hope these tips and tricks help you in all of your future drying endeavors! Talk soon. 💓 

      Sending all our love, 

      Native Poppy

      Follow our 6 simple steps and you'll be a flower drying master in no time