Grand Dried Flower Wrap

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Our largest dried flower wrap, filled with double the dried blooms. We source beautifully preserved flowers, then artfully combine them into eye-catching flower wraps with amazing shelf life. Every batch is unique.

Dried flowers are super popular because they're everlasting! Kept away from moisture and direct sunlight, our dried flowers will last indefinitely.

Best of all: we ship dried flowers nationwide!

Select your style
  • Sunny Honey: Gold and yellow dried flowers like Yarrow and Billy Balls mix with neutral Baby's Breath and Bunny Tails.
  • Peachy Keen: Native Poppy's signature peachy pink color palette, with dried Ruscus, Broom, Bunny Tails, Hydrangea, and Limonium.
  • Mojave Mama: Sophisticated neutral tones, with dried flowers like Angle palms, Thistle, Nigella, Bunny Tails, and Broom.