Plants + Garden

Variegated Pothos Plant in a 6 inch green plastic pot

Variegated Pothos Plant - Medium

Regular price $22.00

glass bottle plant mister

Plant Mister

Regular price $10.00

Anthurium Plant with red and white flowers

Anthurium Plant - Medium

Regular price $30.00

Pink polka dot plant from Native Poppy

Polka Dot Plant - Small

Regular price $9.00

Anthurium Plant with small white flower

Anthurium Plant - Small

Regular price $15.00

Plant lady doormat - made from natural coir

Plant Lady Doormat

Regular price $24.00

Stainless Steel Hand Trowel made by Burgon & Ball

Hand Trowel | Burgon & Ball

Regular price $24.00

1000 piece Desert Flora Jigsaw Puzzle

Desert Flora Jigsaw Puzzle

Regular price $26.99

Pin stripe calathea plant

Pin Stripe Calathea - Small

Regular price $18.00

Cercle Vase - Black ceramic pot with matte glaze

Cercle Vase - Black

Sale price $6.00 Regular price $10.00

Flower Tarot Seed Packets

Flower Tarot Seed Packets

Regular price $7.00