Reminiscent of an old ceramic milk jug, wavey lines vaguely emante from within, leading up to a rough mouth with a pour spout.

Tegan Vase

Regular price $15.00

Black Ceramic Vase

Miguel Vase

Regular price $10.00

Large, tapered pot with a rounded bottom hanging from leather straps

Kenzie Hanging Pot

Regular price $20.00

Cercle vase - Simple white ceramic pot

Cercle Vase - White

Regular price $10.00

Speckled Grey Ceramic Vase displaying dried flowers

Croix Vase

Regular price $10.00

geometric white ceramic pot with angular, symmetrical design all around.

Carved White Small Vase

Regular price $10.00

Ceramic, specked vase with multi-faceted design in relief

Indo Vase

From Regular price $10.00

Pink ceramic compote vase

Daphne Pink Compote Vase

Regular price $15.00

White stone Terrazzo Pot with pink, red, and green flecks

Terrazzo Vase

Regular price $15.00

Ceramic hanging planters with exotic plants

Mini Hanging Ceramic Planter

Regular price $12.00

White ceramic pot with carved texture marks

Wheatfield Pot - Medium

Regular price $15.00

Val Vase - Black ceramic pot with textured hash mark pattern

Val Pot

Regular price $15.00

Stina Glass Frog Vase

Stina Glass Frog Bud Vase

Regular price $14.00

So cal vase - pink pot with green cacti detail

So Cal Vase

Regular price $15.00

Three sizes of Glass Bud Vases

Glass Bud Vases

From Regular price $6.00

Kendall Pot - light grey ceramic vase

Kendall Vase - Grey

From Regular price $10.00

Cream white ceramic vase with textured pattern detail

Francis Vase

Regular price $15.00

Cercle Vase - Black ceramic pot with matte glaze

Cercle Vase - Black

Regular price $10.00

Round cement vase with sides that taper inward at base

Cement Vase - Rounded

Regular price $15.00

Morning View Vase - light blue bud vase with green and white floral print

Morning View Vase

Regular price $26.00

Grey ceramic vase - tall cylinder vase from Native Poppy

Tall Kendall Vase - Grey

Regular price $15.00