Flower Crown Descriptions

Flower Crown Style Descriptions

The Grace (Kelly): Known for her elegant beauty and classic style, the iconic Grace Kelly is a woman that embodies what it means to be both classy and a little bit sassy! This crown is our daintiest crown with a thin band of greenery and a spray of small flowers. It's fun, it's cute, and it's popular to boot.

The Billie (Holiday): A little bit bolder and a little bit bigger, this crown is inspired by Billie Holiday, a woman after our own hearts. Like the jazzy music she was known for, this crown has both subtly and punch with dainty greenery and a bold spray of flowers. Business in the back and party in the front!

The Frida (Kahlo): Full. On. Frida. This badass babe is not yo mama's flower crown. Filled with large, showstopper flowers, this flower crown stands out above the rest. Just like her iconic self portrait, people will be lining up just to see what this flower crown is made of! You can take on the world in this bold stunner!

The Lucy (Lucille Ball): I love Lucy, YOU love Lucy, we ALL love Lucy. This bold babe has got us crushin' real hard! Just like Lucy, this style crown will leave you drawing attention wherever you go. With a fullness that could stop any show, this crown has flowers and greens all the way around and will make you feel like a million bucks, guaranteed!