Behind the Scenes: Mother’s Day Flowers Photoshoot

Florist arranging a group of Mother’s Day flowers

Mamma Mia - here we go again! Mother’s Day is around the corner, and we’re giving you the inside scoop on how we come up with our limited-edition flower menu!

We spoke to Meg Blancato, co-owner and Vice President of Native Poppy, to get more insight on what went into creating this year's Mother’s Day Menu. Meg explained that while Valentine's Day was a very busy season at Native Poppy, it was more the florist's championship final, while Mother's Day is a florist’s Super Bowl!

Native Poppy Mother’s Day flower designs

“Similar to how we shape our offerings for Valentine's Day, color palette is top of mind when we design our Mother's Day flowers," said Meg "Where the planning starts to differ, however, is that we are also guided by seasonal ingredients — or rather one specific ingredient... PEONIES!

Native Poppy Peony flower wrap

“Peonies are our number one most requested flower year round, but they are only readily available for about 6 weeks each year,” says Meg. “Lucky for all the mamas out there- those few weeks overlap with Mother’s Day! One of the most recognizable and mesmerizing peonies is the Coral Charm. These vibrant pink, larger-than-life blooms are so captivating, we design our entire Mother’s Day menu around them.”

Florist holding Mother’s Day flowers with peonies

We design our Mother's Day offerings based on our daily bestsellers, accommodating different price points, variations in size, and presentation style (wrapped in paper or arranged in a vase). 

This year's Mother's Day flowers incorporate a range of stunning blooms, including peonies, roses, ranunculus, and of course mums. The color palette is particularly vibrant, with shades of purple, pink, and peach.

This will be Native Poppy's 8th Mother’s Day (!!!) and we have some floral designs and gifts that return year after year because we know they’re tried and true! Every year, though, we add a new item or two to see if there’s a new way we can serve our community. This year, one new design is a strikingly tall arrangement called “The Goddess.”

Filled with premium blooms such as peonies, hydrangea, tulips, and flowering branches, “The Goddess” is more flower sculpture than arrangement!

Premium Mother's Day flower arrangement "The Goddess"

“Another cool thing that we were able to add to the menu this year was a limited edition dried wrap that benefits the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research,” says Meg. 

20% of the proceeds from sales of the Forever My Mama wrap will go directly to their efforts. By supporting Susan G. Komen's research, Native Poppy is not only celebrating and supporting mothers but also making a positive impact on the fight against breast cancer. 

Each holiday’s uniquely designed dried wraps are available until they sell out, and that design does not come back. The batch is one of a kind!

Mum-Believable flower wrap held by florist in jumpsuit

The names of our Mother’s Day flower offerings are part flower pun, “Mum-Believable,” and part homage to the women and primary care parents that give so much of themselves daily, “Simply the Best Mom.” 

Every time we shoot a new menu, or update an upcoming menu, our team spends several weeks planning and prepping to make it happen. It’s a blast AND it’s also a lot of work!

Native Poppy Mother’s Day Flower moodboard

We put together a mood board every time to give the shoot a feeling, or mood so to speak, and align everyone who touches it - from the florists who build the items to the photographer who shoots, all the way to our e-commerce manager who builds each product on our website.

Shooting flowers can be tricky, and we’re always tweaking things based on how they appear on the camera screen or our phones! Sometimes an arrangement will look perfect in person and then photograph with a gap — yikes!

Florist balancing a Mother’s Day flower arrangement on her head

“This year, we even decided to add our kids to the mix — as if photoshoot days don’t come with enough hoopla!" said Meg. "Especially now that we’re both moms, we wanted to include our children and show us actually being moms.” 

Mother’s Day at Native Poppy has new meaning these days, since the owners have both become moms themselves, and the way they celebrate looks a little different!

Meg Blancato and Natalie Gill celebrate with their families

“At the end of the day," says Meg, "aside from color palettes and cheeky naming conventions, we aim to design flowers we think moms would like - heck, that we would like to receive as moms?" 

Native Poppy’s Mother’s Day flower menu is a true labor of love, and it’s evident in every flower wrap, floral arrangement, and gift in our menu! With our dedication to quality and commitment, we'll be sure to wow all the mamas in your life.

And wherever you are in your motherhood journey, we’re here to remind you that you’re doing great mama.